Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A torque wrench used in the final assembly of cylinder?

A torque wrench used in the final assembly of cylinder heads for automobile engines has a process standard deviation of 5.0 lb-ft. The engineers have specified that a process average of 135 lb-ft is desirable. For a simple random sample of 30 nuts that were recently tightened with the torque wrench, the sample mean was 137.0 lb-ft.

Construct a 95% confidence interval for the current process mean.

Discuss the possibility that the torque wrench may be in need of adjustment to correct the process mean.

The torque wrench seems like pretty good shape, its calibration doesn%26#039;t seem that far off. 2lb-ft isn%26#039;t a lot. I%26#039;m pretty sure that a 95% confidence level means that 95 percent of the nuts would be with in 10 lb-ft plus or minus 135 lb-ft because that is 2SD out. This is why the wrench maybe in need of calibration. Plus or minus 10 lb-ft is a wide range for all 95% to fall in. The wrench would be more accurate if the SD was one or two and not five.


Any other ways to get money for tuition?

I have been out of High School for a few years unsure of what I wanted to do with my life and then this year I decided I wanted to attend a local college for Occupational Therapy Assistant it's a two year course. I am excepted and will attend in fall.

I have applied for FAFSA and my dad makes to much money so I was unable to receive any grants. I applied for 4 scholarships at my old high school because there was only 4 avaliable to me since I only graduated. I am going to see if I can apply for any scholarships at the college I will be attending. Basically other then this am I out of luck? Tution will be about 30,000 without books. My dad said he would pay whatever my mom would pay for me to go to school but I don't know how to go about asking my mom for money. My parents are divorced and I have lived with my dad all my life and my mom is currently going to college and working she is only taking one class at a time though. I have saved some money up but will need a car soon so much of my hard earned money will be going to reliable transportation. My mom tells me to join the coat guards but I don't want to do that and be away from home and I don't want go to school four years from now. I am willing to get a loan but wish I could get some kind of help. Can anyone help me?

I would first see what scholarships you can get from the school and let loans be the last resort. It may be easier for you to go to a community college and then go and do Occupational Therapy Assistant. I say this because it is cheaper unless you are going in and right to the occupational training. I am going for a bachelors degree and i got a associates for free going to a community college first. See what you can get from the college and go from there though you may be surprised.

Question about financial aid?

My parents refuse to pay for music school so I'm obviously going to have to get a loan to pay for it. But to cause even more problems my parents also won't cosign for one. They think that music is waste of time and money. Is there any type of financial aid that I can get without my parents cosigning?

well it all depends on how old u are..but it doesnt jus have 2 be ur parents..it can be a family memeber..a close one..like an aunt..uncle or cousin..anyone over 18 or 21 ..and if ur ova 18 u can get a loan for urself..good luck

You can get federal aid without a co-signer and without a credit check. However, you probably will not get enough to cover all of your expenses (especially if you don't qualify for any grant money). Also, you will still need to provide your parents tax information to fill out the FAFSA to receive federal aid.

There is no type of private student loan that you will be able to get without any kind of co-signer.

1) Fill out the FAFSA, however since it's past the priority deadline to fill it out this year, your chances of getting grants and whatnot are slimming real fast.

2) Yes, you can get a private loan without a cosigner (try Chase Bank), having a cosigner just helps you get a better interest rate on your loan.

3) Talk to someone in the financial aid department at the school you want to go to. They generally are very helpful and can point you in the right direction.

You can get a federal Stafford loan for 5500 as a dependent freshman attending college full time. You can do this without a cosigner or a credit check. This is about it, unless you get a few really good scholarships.

I only have 1 year until college....?

and i only have $2000 in the bank for it.

my parents are planning on giving me 20 per week so that i can also save it.

parent's make little money and i know we should have started before but still...

i know that there are financial aid programs but i still want to save.

how much should i have?

i want to attend either UC or a state university.

i need help!

im stressing out!

I'm attending CUNY, I filed FAFSA and it covered everything including books. As far, in three years I have not spent 1 penny for education. If your parents don't have a lot of money, you will qualify for financial aid and if you have good grades, you can get scholarships on top of that. It's good to save, but when you file FAFSA you will have to show your savings and it might affect your total financial aid (unfortunately). If you'll go to a private uni, it doesn't matter how much you save, anyway won't be enough, get fin aid and take a loan (private unis are way too expensive).

Disadvantages of Free Tuition?

So OK, im doing a debate in one of my classes about Free Tuition and im going against it. I live in Canada BTW

These are my points:

A) It would cost too much for the government (Which equals to higher taxes)

B) Quality of Education would go down ( Look at North American Univ/Colleges compare to the ones in Europe

C) Average time to finish an undergraduate would increase (In northern Europe where tuition fees are totally free average student takes 7 years to finish an undergraduate instead of 4

What else can you guys add to this?

I don't think you could use "B) Quality of Education would go down ( Look at North American Univ/Colleges compare to the ones in Europe". Friends of mine that have studied in America say that it is a lot easy-er to get good grades in America than back home.

"A) It would cost too much for the government (Which equals to higher taxes)" might be a gray area too since once more ppl. get hi'er education, the government get more ppl. to tax, and may tax them more. Also more "HI-tec" jobs are created locally.

"C) Average time to finish an undergraduate would increase (In northern Europe where tuition fees are totally free average student takes 7 years to finish an undergraduate instead of 4" is a very good point.

D) Value of a college graduate may go down

E) People may become dependent on it (like welfare)

Educational Grants and other money stuff?

I'm trying to find some ways of funding my education, I'm currently enrolled in a community college. I've filled out fafsa and all of that.

I would like to stay in school, but I have a really really low income and almost no parental help.

I'm 18 I live on my own and I work full time. I graduated with a 3.2 GPA, I am half hispanic, and female.

My dad can't really help because he is in and out of the hospital because of brain tumors and hemorrhaging, and trying to raise my younger brother at the same time.

My mom will not help at all. She chose to take care of her boyfriend, who assaulted me in '08, instead.

It seems like there would be a lot of help out there for someone in my situation, but I don't know where to begin. I'm the first person in my family to go to college.

have you talked to a guidance counselor? they should be able to help you get financial aid. They should help you find scholarships. Good luck!


Student Loan Payments?

After you graduate, you get like an extra 6 month grace period until you have to start paying the loans right? So what if you go to graduate school right after college? Do you still have to start paying off those loans or do they give you more time?

Those payments should be deferred. However, don't ASSUME they will be. Contact the lender and provide them with whatever paperwork they ask for.

College financial aid?

hello all,

I did my fafsa for 08-09, and i received 4,500 in financial aid at my 4 year school...some personal things came up and i couldnt go to school this year...my question is can i refund that financial aid and use it at a community college in my area?


Aid that has yet to be disbursed at one school can easily be transferred to another. Contact the financial aid office at the community college, and they will help you arrange for the switch.

Just keep in mind that it is quite possible - in fact, highly likely - that the amount of aid that you will qualify for at the community college will be considerably less than the aid you were offered at the 4-year school.

Aid eligibility is based on Cost of Attendance - and your COA at the community college will be much lower than what it would have been at the other school. The aid office at the community college will recalculate your aid and provide you with their own aid offer.

The sooner you get this situation resolved, the smoother the transition will be. I'd recommend that you contact the aid office at the Community College as soon as you can.

Good luck - and I hope you get those personal things taken care of.

Will taking out school loans to pay them right back help my credit?

I have like thirty thousand in debt. If I take out like five thousand and then just pay it right back, will it help my credit? My credit is bad in part because of my loans.

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Only if you pay at least the minimum every month.

10Points!how long does it take to receive a refund check from university of Phoenix?

right now i go to everest university online but i want to transfer to phoenix

at everest you have to wait 30 days to receive a refund check but if i go to phoenix university will they make me wait another 30 days or will they just send me a check

they might make you wait another 30 days

Don't you know you are not going to receive a check, only credit cause if you did not pay cash like most folks or credit card and got a student loan, you can get it transferred if you did not spend any of the funds, but these online schools are tricky and they may make you pay for the whole course even if you just used it two months or less, believe me I KNOW!!

Well the least would Be month It cant be more than that and they have to send it to you you dont have to go if not try calling :D

Can I still get a student loan if I am completing a dietetic internship that is not attached to a university?

If I am matched to a health services company rather than a unviersity can I still get a student loan?

I applied to several different internships all but one is a Unversity.

We go through computer matching, a clearinghouse for all dietetic internship hopefuls. We do not get to choose where we go or if we get into one at all.

I know that if I get matched to a state U then I can geta FAFSA loan but what if I get matched something else?

Nope, it has to be a school. You have to be taking credit classes and working towards a certificate or degree at an accredited (a regionally accredited) school. You can look up all those schools on the fafsa website by clicking, "Find a school code".

I am planning to go to Full Sail and the offer a mac book for discount would my Pell Grant pay for it?

I was just wondering because the said they provide at a deep institutional discount.

I already know how much it would be, I was talking to a admission guy and said yes but if not it would be 2,000 or something.

But since he didn't really give me the answer im looking for im here now.

when you get a pell grant it goes for tuition and school supplies and a computer nowadays is considered a necessity so yeah you could. plus after you get the grant and you pay for everything and you still money left over you pocket it and you could use it for anything you want to.

Your Pell grant will go towards your tuition and fees at Full Sail first. It is my understanding that school is wickedly expensive, so your tiny pell grant will not be enough to pay for your tuition and fees there, much less a computer. If you get other forms of financial aid, like loans and you will also need to take out parent PLUS loans to cover that for-profit expensive school, then yes, you may have enough left over to buy a computer... but just remember anything you borrow will have to be repaid... and loans are usually put on a ten year payment plan.

You certainly don't want to be paying on that laptop for 10 years AFTER you graduate and long after it's outdated. You would prob do better going directly through financing through Apple and having your parents cosign for you since they are going to have to do parent loans anyway.

Hope that helps.

How are some good ways to raise money?

i want to raise some money in a fast easy waay.....how?? i have spare time and get outta school at 3 20 ...help plz

I clean houses, and babysit sill. I'm only 18 but graduated last may. I still live at home, and its a small town so most people there call me to babysit. Then there are people all over that would like help cleaning, or stuff like that. Its not a steady way of income by any means, but I usually make it pretty good. Get enough to put in the and and spending cash.And it doesnt take much time. I used to sit around most of the time, not doing anything and clean a house or two like one or two days a week, and maybe babysittin once or twice, and I had plenty.

I'd uaually get like maybe $300 a month. And that was only for a few hours of babysitting during the weekend, and then cleaning two houses that took maybe an hour each. And I went to them like once a week.


How does someone get recruited, get info, qualify for a college rowing scholarship or some kind of assistance for a rower? my school's rowing program is a club sport its not varsity and its not very organized, but i think i may have a chance at some sort of scholarship...


Go to the college that you are looking at going to and see if they are a D1 or D2 school. If they are then fill out the recruiting form and the coach may contact you based on if they like what they see. If it is a D3 school that you are looking at still fill out the form for recruiting and you may get a scholarship not specified for rowing but because you are going to be a key member to their team they will want you to go there and they might give you a general scholarship.

$3,250 left from financial aid 08-09 school year?

what can i do with it? i just fin my junior year..it doesnt include loans, im from maryland and its all from grants and scholorshiops


1.) Put it into your savings account

2.) Invest in stocks

3.) Open a CD (see your bank for details)

4.) Throw a HUGE end of the school year party

5.) But season tickets to the Ravens

6.) All of the above

...but hey, it's YOUR money. Do what makes you happy, dude.


Not that I don't love all the great ideas that some of the other people offered, but I did want to slip in one caution.

Under normal circumstances, all grants and scholarship funds are tax-free, and do not need to be reported to the IRS as income.

HOWEVER - this is only true when the money is spent on what's known as "qualified educational expenses".

The IRS has a pretty short list of what constitutes "qualified educational expenses", and unfortunately, the list does not include year-end blowouts, or Ravens tickets.

Qualified educational expenses are:


School Fees


Equipment or materials that are REQUIRED of ALL students in your particular educational program.

That last one is the most complicated one. A laptop is not a qualified educational expense unless your school requires you to purchase one. A microscope that you purchased so that you could do your lab work at home, rather than having to trek to campus on the weekends is also not a qualified educational expense.

Note that room and board and transportation are not qualified educational expenses.

If you use that $3250 for anything other than qualified expenses, you will be responsible for declaring that money as untaxed income on your 2008 or 2009 tax return, and that kind of money will push you beyond the minimum that would make it necessary for you to file a return.

As long as you know that - party on!

Payback some of the loans you already have. Or put it in the bank and let incur interest. Or hold on to it for your senior year. Or do a semester abroad.

Have a big party for a week, sure that will fix it.........

Private student loan consolidation?

My husband and I have a sizable amount of student loans (almost $100,000 combined) that are in private loans through Sallie Mae. My interest rates are outrageous, some are 7% to as high as 15%. Are there any good options for private student loan consolidation? If not, what other options are there to refinance these loans (would a home equity line of credit be better)? We are both looking to lower the payments and get a fixed interest rate while the prime is low. Thank you in advance for your advice and assistance.

Consolidation loans have all but disappeared in the last year or so... even in the big companies like Sallie Mae and Wells Fargo. It is simply not worth it for these companies to make these loans anymore. (Why loose money by consolidation when they are already getting 15% interest from you). I%26#039;m sorry I%26#039;m not much help.... but you couldn%26#039;t have combined your loans with his anyway. My advise is to pay them off quickly.

A home equity line of credit isn%26#039;t a viable option either, unless of course you own a home and actually HAVE $100,000 worth of equity in it. With the housing market as it is, most folks are upside-down on their mortgage. (Owe more than the house is worth). If you have this much in equity in your home (owe only 25K on a 125K house, for example), than more power to you. Go visit the bank Monday and ask. Personally I would not want to risk my house for private student loans, but that decision is up to you.

Also keep in mind that the interest you pay on student loans can be deducted off your income at tax time (without itemizing).... this is simply not the case with a home equity line of credit.

Sorry I was not much more help.


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Would you consider education an investment?

i want to go to school in New York City. It's the particular libral arts school that's highly accredited. It's called the New School University. I really want to move away and go to school their, not only for a better education but for a culture change as well.

In my future, I know I will be inheriting a little bit of money. And it will be enough to pay my student loans off, and then a little more.

i'm not saying this to brag, but I am scared to spend the money I will be getting in the future. Just because you never know what the future may bring. If I am to go to this school for 4 years, along with housing, I will be getting myself into some big debt. around 120 thousand. give or take a little.

do you think it's crazy i want to spend that much money on school?

i just want others opinions who do not know me, and can only judge me by my question.

I owe $135,000 from my four years in college....It is well worth it. I also own a house and make good money at the age of 22. The cost of college is intimidating, but it is a serious mistake to sell yourself short of getting the best education that you can.

Sure, education is expensive, but no education for most people is even more expensive. Imagine spending most of your life at the lower end of the work force because you don't have the qualifications for the promotion. That's a huge loss of money. Get the best possible education you can. There are a lot of good programs online today, have a look at some of those as well

Education can be important, and even necessary, depending on what you want to do. But honestly, I would caution you about taking on more debt that you can reasonably pay off with your income alone. Yes, your future inheritance may seem guaranteed now, but there are no guarantees in life. Have you taken into account how much of your inheritance might be lost to taxes?

Basically, my point is to not count your chickens before they hatch. $120,000 is a huge amount of debt for a four year degree in liberal arts. I know, that may not make you feel very good, but it's the truth. Most liberal arts jobs don't pay more than $30,000-$50,000 per year. A general rule of thumb is that you shouldn't take out more in loans than your expected yearly salary, so for a liberal arts degree, you probably shouldn't take out more than $30,000.

If you already had the money in hand, taxes paid, it would be another story. But how many years are you going to have to make payments on your debt before you get your inheritance? Will you be able to make those payments on your income alone while you wait for your money to come through? Obviously, you know the answers to these questions, and I do not. So I'm not telling you "do this, don't do that" - I'm just giving you my opinion and some things to ponder.

Basically, if I were in your situation, I would want to make sure that I could support myself, no matter what happens. Sometimes you can rely on other people, and sometimes you can't... but you never know which is which until it's too late. Make it easy for you to rely on yourself.

Financial Aid Appeal?

I wound up having my life sort of tank right as my Fall Semester should have started last fall. Things got really messy...

I wound up leaving my ex...there was a restraining order involved...My daughter and I wound up hiding out at a women's shelter...we were in and out of court...my car got broken into and destroyed...it was just a mess...I wound up not even going because of it...

So my question is this:

I wanted to appeal and go during the spring, but I was not ready to yet! I needed to prove that I have a car, home, daycare, etc...and I didn;t have proof of the car yet. So now I can prove all those things, but obviously I lost aid for spring...does that mean that since I let a semester pass without appealing that I am off of it for good until my loans are paid back? Or can I appeal it for this coming fall??? I'm super stressed...pretty depressed too, because my GPA was good before all this terrible stuff went on

This is super confusing. I would suggest going to your school and talking to a financial aid adviser. Call them ahead of time and make an appoint for at least 30 minutes to figure things out. This way, you're getting your info straight from the horse's mouth and make sure to write down all they say, date, time and such.

If they tell you need to call a Federal phone number, do that as soon as possible to get your info straight.

I'm thinking that appeals do need to be taken care of within a certain amount of time from the discrepancy so this could cause some problems.

My EFC is 372. How much money will I recieve from the fasfa for college?

Thank you to those who answer(:

Have a great day.

Your EFC score is an index of your financial aid need. Your school can use this score to compare your need to the need of all of the other applicants who will be attending your school next year.

Your EFC of 0372 (which is not read with a dollar sign, by the way), indicates that you have demonstrated what's known as "exceptional need" - that category is made up of all applicants with EFC scores below 4041.

Students who have demonstrated exceptional need are eligible for special aid programs known as "need-based aid". These programs include the various educational grants, the Perkins Loan, the subsidized Stafford Loan and the Federal Work-Study Program.

Though you may be qualified for those programs, only the Pell Grant is actually guaranteed. All of the other forms of need-based aid are awarded on a case-by-case basis by the financial aid department at your school. There is a limited amount of each of these funds available to your school, and they must determine the most equitable way to allocate those funds to eligible students.

Based on your EFC score of 372, you will be awarded a Pell Grant of $5000 for the 2009-2010 school year, assuming that you are enrolled as a full-time student.

You are also guaranteed to be offered a Stafford loan, and there is a good chance that part of that loan will be subsidized. The maximum Stafford available to a freshman is $5500.

Depending on your state, and school, you may be eligible for state funded assistance, or institutional funds offered directly by (and through) the school. No one can predict your eligibility for those funds - so that's another variable that would make it impossible to accurately guess your aid award.

In fact, there really is no way for anyone to predict what you will be required to pay out-of-pocket next year. Your school will put together an aid offer letter that describes the aid that they have available for you - and the letter will provide instructions on how you can accept and receive that aid.

I hope that helps you - good luck!

My EFC (Estimated Family Conrtribution) is 6680, what does that mean for me?

Okay... so, I don't exactly understand what the whole EFC thing is about, but I started asking other students in my grade what theirs was, and some even had zero. Does an EFC of 6680 look bad on scholarships? I just feel like I shouldn't waste my time applying for them (or at least the ones that ask for your EFC) because my parents evidently make too much money. And what sucks is, it's not like they're actually going to help me pay for it, espeically with us going back into farming this year. But, yeah... tell me what you guys think!


Always apply for all scholarships you qualify for. Unless you don't like getting free money for college. You never know. An EFC of 6680 is not extremely high. Some of your classmates may have EFC's of 999999!!!

Anyway, your EFC IS too high for you to get any grant money. But you will get offered student loans.... all the more reason to apply for all those scholarships. Dependent freshman can borrow up to 5,500 a year in federal Stafford loans. (Half in the fall and half in the spring).

Your parents will be offered a parent PLUS loan if the school you choose to attend is more than this. If your parents have said they aren't going to help you, you need to keep this loan limit in mind

I am US citizen and i want to do my Graduation and masters in india how much it costs now in india for all?

i did my schooling in india so will my college fees will be more than any others as Indian Citizens.

If you are an American Citizen then you should totally go to college in the US. I have the opposite problem. I am an Indian citizen and i really want to go to college in the US. I would really do anything to go to college in the US. You have the opportunity to do it and you defenilty should.

Do you live in the US or India right now?

because if you live in India then the price wont make a difference

Good fundraisor ideas pleaseee?

Help with ideas for fundraising!?

what are some good fundraisors that make a lot of money?

im trying to raise money to go to a summer program and i also have a deadline so im trying to think of ways to fundraise

have a cookoff.

or a raffle.

Does Stanford offer good financial aid for Graduate Students?

I know Stanford has GREAT, financial aid... just about the best, but is it not as great for Graduate Students?

Is this the same for other schools?

If a school would offer someone a certain amount of money to go there as an undergrad, would that amount change if you're a graduate?

Do they somehow offer less to graduates?

If so, why?


As you have correctly surmised, the amount of readily available financial aid to graduate students pales in comparison to the funds available for undergraduates.

The underlying premise is also probably pretty much what you would guess - given the limited amount of funding available to support higher education, the prevailing bias is to commit the lion's share of these funds to the subsidization of undergraduate education. Students who choose to attend graduate school are seen as having already had their shot at financial aid - and are seen as pursuing an even more optional educational path.

The federal government offers only Stafford and PLUS lending to graduate students (no grants), and most institutions expend far more of their endowment funds on the support of undergraduate programs.

Many graduate programs offer stipends to their students - to 'pay' them for research or teaching assistanceships.

Students who elect to attend graduate school are expected - even more so than undergrads - to self-fund their education. Graduate students have access to much larger loan amounts, and those comprise the predominant form of funding support to post-baccalaureate study.

Good luck with your graduate work!

I don't know but they do have free college for anyone whose parents make under $100,000 not sure if you can get that for grad school though

Can I go to USC from a community college if I am poor. will they give me grants?

I would suggest calling both USC's Admissions & Financial aid office. There really is no solid way to know in advance, until you are accepted to the school and you have filed your FAFSA.


I took out a Stafford loan, but I'm wondering if there's another loan I can take out to pay bills and a previous car loan while I'm in school? Or can I take out an additional student loan? What's my best bet?

Talk to your school's financial aid office, but if you've maxed out on Stafford already, you will probably need to rely on a Private Education Loan if you are an undergraduate, independent student.

Technically speaking, education loans are meant to pay the costs incurred as a result of your enrollment...

If you go the private loan route, you should probably stick to a reputable lender...and make sure that you are getting a good deal.

Taking out a loan to pay off a loan isn't really a good idea. If you take out another loan, it will not be a Stafford. You will, more than likely, have to start paying on it immediately. Your best bet is to get a job ASAP and start paying off your debt. Since your classes are online you should be able to work them into your schedule and have a job.

When you get a Stafford loan for college...?

Do they send the total amount of your tuition to the school right away? Like the full amount that you'd need to complete all years of schooling? If they do send the full amount up front, can you apply for any more Stafford loans before that one's paid?

They only send the amount for one year. And it's not necessarily the "full amount" you'd need. There are borrowing limits for stafford loans and if you need more than that you'd have to come up with it somewhere else. The borrowing limit or a first year dependent student is $5500. You cannot borrow more than that from the stafford program for yoru first year.

You can apply for the stafford loan each year, but once again there are yearly borrowing limits and lifetime borrowing limits. If you take too long to complete your degree (switching your major a bunch of times), you risk bumping up against those limits.

As a freshman dependent student, you are allowed to borrow up to 5500 in Stafford per academic year. This amount goes up each year, if you advance a class level. Typically, half of your annual amount will be disbursed in the fall semester, half in the spring.

Amounts for independent students are higher.

finaid.org is a good financial aid resource site.

Do I send my G.P.A. Verification form?

I just found a website where I can check the status of my FAFSA and my G.P.A. form. They received my FAFSA but not my G.P.A. Verification Form.

I sent the Form on Feb 10 2009, I have the Certificate of Mailing to prove it. What do I do now? Do I call someone to assist me? Who?

(this happened to my two other friends...)


I'm guessing that you're talking about the Cal Grant.

If my guess is correct, you can contact the California Student Aid Commission at this phone number 888.224.7268 or this e-mail address: studentsupport@csac.ca.gov

I hope that helps. Good luck!

How to apply for bursaries from my uni?(UK only)?

I have applied, and got accepted, for uni. My course starts in September.

I have applied for my student finance through direct.gov, but i am also going to be entitled to some bursaries that the uni offers.

How and when do i apply for them?

Do i have to phone the uni and ask them for the forms, or will they be sent out to me automatically, or do i have to enrol on my course first and then apply?

if u ticked the box on your application form to direct.gov it will allow ucas to pass your information on so uni can organise bursaries, if u didnt tick the box u will need to contact uni direct.

Hi,ask the uni.consult a web site if the uni has one.

it shud hve been done through direct gov!

What happens to aid that doesn

If I am awarding more federal aid than how much my tuition bill is do I get a check? Is it right away or does it just go away? I need to know before I go apartment hunting please!

you get a refund (usually quite a large one)

Saturday, March 28, 2009

How to convince the principal not to kick me out of school?

I've recently been absent quite a bit, due to some serious health problems. 9 days, to be exact.

The principal called my home today, telling my dad that they were considering expelling me for not attending. It's not like they haven't been informed of the situation, it's just that they don't like me very much.

We're going in to speak with him and the school counselor tomorrow. What can I say to make them understand that I'm not purposefully missing school, but I simply can't come?

Also, if it matters, I have a 3.0 GPA. I'm keeping up with my work. What's the issue? Can't I just go to Saturday school or something? Summer school? Whatever?

The thing is, if I get kicked out, it's so late in the year that I won't be able to enroll in another school without serious issues. And an expulsion will look terrible on my record, and I don't know what I'd do. I wouldn't be able to go to the college I'm preparing for. And I'm just.. freaking out.



I remember I missed over a month of school, er, on purpose, and got nothing more than a "dont do it again," speech.

Your situation ticks me off, and if I were your parent...your school would fear me O_o.

I wish they would try and say that. Missing nine days of school while having your teachers notified of the situation, keeping your grades up, and having a high G.P.A gives them no reason to expell you. Technically all your absences have been excused, so there should not be a problem.

If you can provide some kind of doctors note stating that going to school would have endangered your health, or would have endangered others, -they cannot do anything-. I would also contact your school bored of directors, or whatever you might call it where you are, and set up a complaint of personal attack if your principle seriously tries to expell you.

I would point all this out at the meeting. Point out what your condition was, and why you could not attend school. Also point out the fact that you have kept up with your grades regardless of your absence.

Me being the spiteful little tard I am would, I would go in their like a soldier. How dare they even think to expell you when you have done nothing but contribute good grades to the school?

I mean, HOW DARE THEY? Really, out of all the idiots our schools have no a days, then want t throw out a girl with a freaken 3.0 GPA? God, your principle must be a Twilight fan, and you must have ticked him off in one of your anti-Twilight answers. Yes! Totally kick out the smart ones...we WANT the idiots to run the world >.>

Cough...got a little carried away...

Seriously though, do not freak out. You did nothing wrong! You were sick, what do they expect of you, to come in with a vomit bucket taped to your head? Even though I WANT to say you should go in there with a shot gun and kill the -insert bad word-, I would hate to find out you went to jail because an insane chick told you that on Yahoo answers.

Simply explain all the above reasons rationally to him, as well as having your father backing you up. If it does turn out bad I would contact the School Bored to fight the expulsion.

I would also speak to your teachers, asking if they could write a written statement that you have been keeping up with work, and have THEM decide if your small amount of absences will actually affect your final grade, and if there is reason to expell you.

And if all that doesn't work...does your dad have a shot gun?

if you have an excuse from a doctor then have your doctor call the school and explain why you weren't there. or if it wasn't doctor's excused then ask the principal if he wanted you to come to school sick and possibly infect other students.

be polite, dress nice and dont worry about it. when you go in dont be intimidated. If your reasons are legite he should understand. If he is just being anal have your dad slip the old " gonna talk to a lawyer" line....good luck

I tend to agree with some of what Pirate Alien girl said (at least the sane bits). There is no possible way they can expel you for missing a couple of weeks school, particularly if you have a legitimate excuse. Take your folks with you tomorrow, be calm, be rational (with your GPA that shouldn't be a problem) and just explain what happened. If your doctor can supply supporting paperwork all the better.

Schools don't generally ruin students lives because of a perceived grudge. Don't panic.

Need help on some Geo. questions, Help!?!?

1. Distinguish between instream water use and withdrawal use

2. Explain the theory of global warming

3. List some of the possible effects of global warming

4. do u think we should export water to the united states? why? or why not?

First answer...the abbreviation of "geo." can mean geology just as well as geography...anyway...

1. Instream: Water that is used, but not withdrawn, from a surface-water or groundwater source for such purposes as hydroelectric power generation, navigation, water-quality improvement, fish propagation, and recreation. Sometimes called nonwithdrawal use or in-channel use.

Withdrawl Use: Taking water directly from water source and not returning it.

2. The earth is gradually warming up and melting the ice caps, blah blah blah. The earth has warmed up only a few degrees in hundreds of years.

3. Melting ice caps, rising sea levels, erosion, animals dying off, less fresh water from glaciers

4. No, we have plenty of water here for now. Wait until things get desperate then import.

Hope this helps :D

These are actual questions in GEOGRAPHY?...

These should be in Earth or Physical Science, not Geo,,,Gawd D@mn hippies..

OK, here goes-

#1. No Clue

#2. Simply put, that thru CO2 emsissions, humans are causing a green house type effect to raise the ambient temp of the planet.

#3. Ocean levels rising due to polar cap melting, coral reefs dying because of the temp shift, crop decimation due to rainfall conflagaration, et cetera

#5. The US has enough fresh water in its Aquapher system AND salt water reclamation to take care of its self (who is this we who would sell the us water, Canada?)

What are the groups of kids in middle school?

I am going to go to middle school next year so I wanted to know. What social groups are kids in middle school put into?

Such as nerds, jocks, etc.

im in 7th grade... well it's diffrent then elementry because people do casually get put into "groups" but its not that big of a deal. i guess i would be called a "skater" but i have other friends in diffrent "groups" like "jocks" and others.. but its not that big of a deal or not as drastic of a change as you may think. but! i will tell you some basic groups that you will notice every school has....

Preps/Scene Kids-




then every school usually has other groups, emos, comedians, punks, gangsters, hicks, all of the above, and many others... have fun in middle school! (the other answers are good to)

Pavan hunnie. i no your young but im a junior in high school and going to be a senior, ppl tried to tell me this but honestly dont worry about the groups there so stupid and they mean nothing by the time you get to high school.you will find out who your true friends are.stick with them!!

For a 5th grader, you have some nice vocabulary and grammar. Expect preppy kids, emos, jocks, nerds, scene kids, and everything else.

Where can u go for a online high school diploma that is lagit?

check out the BYU independent study program

Teased for being skinny HELP?

Teased for being skinny HELP?

ok so i am 14 ad i have a lot of friends both boys and girls

but some girls lately have been calling me Anorexic

im really not i eat normally but just have a small build

what do i say to them or do i just ignore it

plus my brothers who are 17 and 19 make fun of me being small too


ps its really hard for me to but on weight as my parents Donalt me eat fast food and always have healthy food it the house


oh god, if youre actually considering eating fatty foods just to make other people happier then i dont even want to bother!!!!!!!! who gives a sh*t what they think, stop being a follower. people call me anorexic too, but i guess theyre just not used to healthy looking people, most of america isnt. Just keep eating healthy and live your life....

You should ignore since they are obviously just joking. If it really gets to you , you should remember that its more important that you eat healthy food and that you stay healthy.

If anything you can do something simple like do 5-10 pushups every night before bed.( Everyday you do 1 more pushup then the day before)

This could give you confidence since you will know that you are strong and not weak and anorexic like your friends say.

its better than being teased for being fat! Just ignore them and as long as you feel healthy and you eat as much as you want and need, it doesn't matter what they think. Most people are probably just jealous that they can't naturally say slim. Lots of people find small people very attractive. If the teasing goes too far and you start to get bullied, don't be afraid to say something to someone.

Anyways, best of luck hun!


don't worry maybe they jealous of your figure, do not worry as it will make you feel down, just eat what you like and do not skip meals, if its really skiny see a doctor, dont worry i am the same it just i do more exercise so you can see less fat and more muscle.

its not about putting on fat- its about being healthy. Make sure you eat healthy and excersize properly. You want to build up muscle not fat.

eat more fats?

I hate this guy in my school. Any advices?

I'm in 8th grade. I have this guy who I don't even know just push me when I'm in the hall way. This happen every single day. I just had it. It is annoying and I hate him. I don't even know this guy and his annoying me and trying to bully me. It happens after 4th period. What should I do? Should I wait until a few seconds after the bell ring?

obv. you're like well biggger than him, get some mates to gang up on him, otherwise wait for the bell to got.

good luckk x

stop being a wuss and stand up for yourself. You think if 50 cent, snoop dogg or the game got pushed everyday, that they'd hide a few mins in the classroom? grow some balls, dont be soft like nick jonas, be tough like the game

get help and soon cuz 8th grade is alot of fun and no point of it if dumbasses like bullies are gonna mess with u. O and if tht doesnt help get mad lot of ppl and take matters into ur own hands....DONT TAKE **** FROM ANYONE!

he's probably jealous of you in some way, when he tries to push you again call him attention seeker.

Im going to a middle school to talk to kids about where i work.?

I am a partial owner of a car dealership.. i dont know what kids want to know about how i work and what makes me a good owner. i dont want to be boring please help!!! i need it by tomorrow:] thanks so much.

You don't need to share your life story, but tell them how you got to your position. Let them know what you do on a daily basis. Explain how you use at work some of the same skills that they use in school. Any connections you can make between you and an average middle school student will help them visualize themselves in your shoes. Talk in their language, don't get to technical or detailed. I like the verb the user before me used, "chat" with them. I remember always enjoying guest speakers who seemed like they were interested in interacting with students instead of just telling the facts and leaving. Bring with you anything that would help hold their attention, and let them ask any questions they may have. Do you have photos of the dealership you could show or freebies you could hand out at the end of your presentation?

Don't worry about being "boring." After all, you're the highlight of the day, something out of the ordinary and not part of the usual routine! You'll be what they tell their parents about when the age-old question, "What did you do at school today?" is asked. Have fun with it!

You could give a summary of your daily routine and any special events or interesting incidents that happened. If they're middle schoolers, they're mature enough, so they shouldn't get too bored.

Chat about:

- what you took in high school

-what you thought you would do

-how you got into selling cars

-typical day

-best & worst part about your job

What do you think that attraction to a teacher is?

It's always different than crushes I get on fellow students. I get the nervousness when they're near and am cautious of what I say if they're standing near me and my friends. I think about them a lot. I get butterflies when I see them in the hall. I look forward to their class and am sad when the end of the year comes. Yet, I can't picture doing anything physical with them. I had a dream once about one of my teachers who was about to kiss me (lol) but with none of the others. It can't just be a simple appreciation for them.

I'm not talking about just one teacher. I've "crushed" on more than one. I'm in college next year, so four more years to go...lol

Teachers tend to be experts in their field. They also exert a control over others that can, at times, be very subtle. They also exude a self-confidence. All these can be attractive qualities (because they're all very powerful skills).

This environment within the classroom is very artificial - all geared for the student learning of very specific outcomes. In real life, teachers are ordinary people with their own fears, frustrations and doubts. Hence the reason you can't picture doing anything physical with them. It's all illusion; smoke and mirrors.

I have felt the same way in the past as you do, not this year though. For me it's like an admiration of them in which I highly respect them for how nice and caring they are as well as their strength in dealing with everything they do.

It resulted in giving one of my teachers chocolates at the end of the year for christmas and as a thankyou for teaching me.

What should i do if i skip school and go to the beach?

im not going to school for my b-day im going to the malibu beach but what shoud i do

Don't skip. You may miss a important lecture or notes and the teacher may not give them to you. Go to the beach on the weekend with friends. If you skip there is so many things that could go wrong such as getting caught or missing something very important in school.

8th grader?????????????????

IS 120 pounds too much for an 8th grader (14 i think)

oh gosh no! their body is still growing and developing so their weight will fluctuate and 120 is not that much at all i was about that much in 8th grade. dont worry!!!

No, one of my frineds is like 5'3 and 120 and she is completly normal. Another one is 5'5 and 150 and our one of my friends boyfriend is 6'2 and 220 and he isn't fat.

No! It's probably just muscle weight. Even if they don't have rippling biceps. :)

no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im 120 pounds and 5'4''. :O

I play soccer too so i am quite muscular though

No way - my duaghter is 11 and in 5th grade and she is about 110 - not at all overweight!

WRONG SECTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...

Depends on how tall they are.

NO!!... whats wrong with people today... thinking everyone is fat...

blimey if you like the guy ask him out don't see if he's too much of a fatty

Questions about public schools and homeschooling!?

1.When is it mandatory to attend a public school in the U.S.? Pre-school? Kindergarten?

2.So,when can you drop out of the public school program? I think it is 16 years old,right?

3.Why do some parents want to home school their children?

7.Why does a parent know that they are qualified to home school their children because there are so many subjects to be taught about?

8.What do you file to the state government if you want to home school your child?

9.When can you file that you will be homeschooling your child before preschool age or what is the minimum age of a child that can begin to be home schooled?

10.What is the punishment if you are caught of not letting your child attend any form of education whether it is public,private,or homeschooling?

11.Do you have to file something if you want your child to attend a private school?

The answers to questions 1, 2, 8, 9, 10, 11 are all determined by the state you live in. In Tennessee, you have to file a paper with the education department. From that point, you are given documentation and you must maintain regular attendance. When I homeschooled my children they had to have instruction for 4-5 hours a day (that's what it equals). The grade levels a parent can teach is determined by the education level of the parent. For example, a parent with a high school diploma can teach up to a certain grade. Sometimes a group of parents will get together and teach. One parent might teach math and another science another English and so on.

I would be very cautious about homeschooling because there are problems when it is time for the child to graduate and go to college. If homeschooling is an option it might be better to homeschool until a certain age and then send them to a regular school. That way your children can enhance their social skills. One concern many crtics have about homeschooling is the lack of social skills. They believe that homeschooling does not teach children how to interact with other children their age. Homeschooling is a big responsibility and requires a great deal of dedication make sure you are willing to do it. As for the state. There is a test that children have to take before they will be considered a high school graduate and as of recent, many colleges are giving homeschooled students a hard time when it comes to acceptance.

I homeschooled my oldest until the sixth grade. She will graduate number 5 in a class of 380. My second homeschooled until the second grade and she is a straight A student. Currently homeschooling youngest. She will go to a regular school in the second grade. It is my opinion that children benefit from homeschooling AND regular school.

Good Luck!

What can i do after 12th..?

i am studying in 12th..pcm

i am supposing to get 75 ABOVE in 12th

i want to do engineering...in which field of engineering i can go??

if i didn't get good rank in AIEEE..after that what can i do..

engg. is done not only in aieee stream but also in eamcet, iit,bits pilani,vit...so many are there

after your 12th class just attend all the competitve exams related to engg.and get a nice rank in councelling you get seat

there are various fields like electronics and commucation,computers,information technology,electronical and electrical ,mechanical........

if you wont get a good rank in aieee go for eamcet or bitspilani

you will have to choose out of various branches Computer science,Instrumentation,Electronics,Elec... mechanical and civil.choose what interest you. if you do not get your preferred branch go for bachelor in management and follow that up with MBA. Doing Bsc will be a bad option

engineering has many fields to choose from, hence its better to know your interest and the subject that you are strong in, so that you fare better.......all fields are infact good in engineering.

a brief on engg. fields with scope, subjects, topics, prospects and comparision etc., could be found in the below link -


all the best !!!

become a college professor or something. they make bizzank! [:

u can take a core topic

Are tardies and unexcused absences bad?

If I get one tardy or one unexcused absence, can that hurt my record? Can it effect me from getting to college, because I don't participate in extra curricular activities and I have a 3.5 GPA, so perfect attendance and good grades is what I was going to do to get to college and I no longer have perfect attendance. Also, is their a difference between an unexcused absence and a tardy and does one outweigh the other as to which is the worse? Thanks for your help!

One tardy or one unexcused absence will not hurt your record.

I have missed alot of days this year.

I had to go to a meeting because of it.

I can only miss one more day all year, and if I miss anymore days,

then I start loosing credits.

But only one will not hurt anything. At all. Trust me. I miss school all the time.

And an unexcused absence is definitely worse.

That means your unexcused for the whole day.

An unexcused tardy means you were just late for a class, and didn't have a good excuse for being late. No big deal.

Colleges do not care about perfect attendance! Think about it: why would a college fault you for getting sick or having a doctor's appointment once in your life? Maybe, if you have a lot of unexcused absences (like you just decided to skip school) and that was affecting your grades, they would think you're not committed to school. But one absence and one tardy is definitely not going to affect your chances of getting into college!!

Colleges pick people based on their personal qualities! Like intelligence, athleticism, service, ability to work hard. You have to demonstrate that you have these qualities based on your grades, essay, extra curricular activities, community service, and suchlike. Perfect attendance does not demonstrate anything about you, just that you were really lucky not to get sick on a school day!

You're worrying too much. Colleges doesn't give a snot about how much you've been absent or tardy if you have good grades. I however, do recommend you to join a club or two as far as extracurricular activities go.

The answer above shows the lack of knowledge he has on how Colleges admit students. They DO NOT look at your attendance record unless it's something like an excessive 2 months.

if unexcused absences or tardies kept you out of college, then no one at my school would be accepted. my school is notorious with tardies and unexcused absences. including myself, this year so far i have had 13 tardies for first period and more absences than i can count, none of which were excused.

An unexcused tardy is better because at least you showed up but the unexcused absence is bad because you skipped the whole day which makes colleges think you don't care about your education.

Lol. You'll live! trust me!

If colleges used your attendance record to determine whether you got in or not, a lot of people wouldn't be going to college.

Just don't be absent too much!

Should my child be made to write a letter of apology without my consent beforehand?

My daughter (10 yrs old) has been experiencing problems at school with her friend. Over the past few weeks her friend has been pushing her around and then refusing to talk to her and if my daughter is playing with somebody else she then pushes her out of the way. I told my daughter to tell a teacher but she said that she did not feel she could speak to them. I then told her to ask her friend why she was being like this and to try and talk it out with her. Anyway this went on for a couple of weeks and this week her friend once again pushed her so my daughter retaliated and pushed her back. I told her this was wrong and said that she should have just walked away. Anyway the girl went home to her mother and said that she felt very threatened and frightened by my daughter. Her mother then wrote to the teacher telling her what her daughter had said. My daughter was spoken to about the incident and told that the headmaster had been informed. However, she was not asked how it had all come about and was then told to write an apology letter to the girl. I woudl just like to add that my daughter did try to apologise to the girl after she had done it but the girl just kept ignoring her. When my daughter gave the girl the letter she just looked at it and threw it in the bin. She then told people that my daughter had pushed her, hurt her back and then hit her. My daughter denies this but does admit to pushing her. I want to know if the teacher was allowed to make my daughter write the letter without my consent. Any help woudl be greatly appreciated. I was also told by the teacher that before my daughter had written the letter they had in fact made up.

i think they are allowed to make your daughter write a letter as "punishment" for maybe breaking school rules ... i know i had to write a few letters in my time! but yeah you should inform the school about the other girls behavior as it is not fair on you girl having all the blame if she is the one getting bullied!

You need to call the school and talk to your daughters teacher and then to headmaster about what your daughter is telling you. The best situation would be for both sets of parents and children to meet and get it straightened out for once and for all. I wouldn't make her write a letter until after you've done this.

The school does not have to okay an apology letter through you. If your daughter didn't tell you about the first apology letter maybe she isn't being completely honest about this situation. I suggest having a conference with the teacher to figure out why the girls are fighting (other than the fact that they are 10 and girls).

Freaking out about high school assessment?! Please help!?

This year I've started Year 11, so I'm a senior and it's only the first term which ends in two weeks. I have 6 assignments, 2 tests and one speech; I do 6 subjects all OP. I haven't ever really needed to study before -I"m one of those people who can get away with cramming- but lately I have found a need to and I just can't get into it unless I have redbull and red licorice (it's what i snack on when I study... I know its bad) and music and it's really becoming a problem. At the moment I'm not eating any food except for dinner and lollies because I mostly study, work or sleep and shower. I've fallen into bad study habits, how can I fix them and be a good student? I really want to get into university and study law or journalism.

Get to the nearest library and pack ur bags with only water and books u need to study. This should help because u do not have snacks around u when u study.

omg pleeese help me .. im in the same situation!!!! im in yr11 too.. someone help me and good answers please.. i cant go to the nearest library coz no one can drop me n all i do is eat sleep, homework dinner lunch :(

What are some things to do in class until my bell rings?

I go to school and for about 2 1/2 hours there's like nothing to do, and I just sleep...It makes me not want to go to class, though I still have to...So what are some things I can do while there for 2 1/2 hours?

get an ipod, get some sweet tunes and some good movies/tv eps on there. text your friends, try and make the class more interesting.

Oh, do your nails, read the newspaper, do the crossword puzzle, you know the usual stuff people do at school. You already do the sleeping bit so all this should keep you busy.

only 2 1/2 hours! concentrate in class.......what job will you have? you need to think of the future! everyone else in the classroom will be successful and you will be a hobo lying on the road begging for money.

I have one of my deputy principal's phone numbers on my mobile ... so I prank :)

I lost my phone one day and told my deputy and he called it, I found it later and saved his number into my phone. Voila :)

Take a book. Fiction or Non-Fiction and learn something.

You could even learn about something you like, not something you are being forced to learn in school.

How awesome would that be?!?!??!


homework you forget

Read your textbooks :)


lol. jk!


me. i got a cold.

poor thing

My fifth grader had an assignment due to write?

what would/could happen if she at the age of 18 was drunk on the beach the night before midterm exam, and needed a ride home. My question is what is the right reaction as a parent to this and what would be a bad reacation to this. Have any of you been there through that. I gather that as a parent I'd have to worry about the law comming down on me and not my kid as she is still under age to be drinking. If that same kid was 17 and not 18 would house arrest be a good option after of course I got her home. As I said my daughter was told to write a what if paper on this.

Hopefully, the teacher gave written instructions, i.e. a rubric, for her to follow.

At first glance this sounds like a weird assignment, but it could be beneficial to her. And remember, it is her assignment, not yours.

Have her:

1) Brainstorm, write down all the thoughts she can about the topic.

2) Choose the best details from that list she wants to write about.

3) Write an opening sentence ( or paragraph, depending on the length assigned) that covers the topic in a general way, so as to cover all she will write about, such as "Deciding to drink the night before an important exam could bring serious consequences not only for the test, but for my safety."

4) Write 3 details on the topic from the brainstorm... i.e. I may not be recovered to do my best on the exam. I may be forced to be in a situation that is unsafe due to my decision, etc.

5) Write a concluding sentence that summarizes what she has said. i.e. Deciding to drink the night before an important exam may not only have significant effects on my grade and schooling, but also cause me to be in a situation where I could be harmed or put in jail.

Anyway... it will cause her to do some adult thinking.

Take care.

The wrong reaction would be parents losing their temper, and the right reaction would be to tell them the long and short terms consequence. Everything decision we make have a consequence.

wow a fifth grader, perhaps you should be at the school talking this morning...

English Subject Help!?

Well in English class at school I am very good at reading and finding out what the writer means and all that sort of stuff but at writing I am starting to fail. My teacher says he understands what I mean but I am not getting it written down the way I want it to on paper.

Can someone please tell me what he means exactly and what I should do to overcome this.

I think he is saying he knows what you want to say you just aren't putting it all out there to explain what you mean. I think you should give more detail into what you are writing and don't hold back. There is nothing wrong with adding a little more explanation to explain what you mean

The way your question is worded does, indeed, indicate you're having trouble writing. If English is not your native language, more study, concentration and interaction with native-English speakers will solve your problem. If, on the other hand, your native language is English, you should ask your teacher what he/she thinks is the real reason for your problem.

Don't think that you're an bad writer, THINK that you're an good composer, Try to read through the newspapers and correct the mistakes(if there are some) this will give u more confidence. Also, try to explain ur ideas properly(edit them, thought) use ur editing skill( everyone has editing skills in their brains).

Thank You.

Hope this helps.

My teacher has been absent for 3 weeks...?

And no one will tell us anything? The sub is acting like she is going to be here for a long time. Possibly the rest of the year...

Youre going to have to sit it out and just get on with your classes.

When I was in high school I had a teacher who disappeared for a year and when he came back we found out he had had a nervous breakdown.

Best thing to do is to not worry, your sub may not know what is going on and so youre best idea is to knuckle down with your work so that when your teacher comes back they will be very happy with what you have done :)

this happened to me when one of my teachers had back surgery. your teacher, or a close relative probably has a serious injury or disease. Maybe they are in some legal trouble. Don't worry about it too much. It could be like my teachers back surgery which she recovered from and felt much better.

This happened to me when I was in 6th grade.

Our teacher left. And a sub came and took her place.

Now, our teacher was very pregnant at the time she left, and I'm pretty sure she went back to teaching her classes after that school year. It was a little weird, not having the right teacher for almost an entire year.

Maybe something's really wrong with her or a member of her family. If you know her well, maybe ask a friend of her's what's wrong or ask her personally. If you don't know her well then I wouldn't intrude.

Maybe she's in the hospital for something or her family member is.

That happen to me last year. My art teacher was absent for the whole semester because she was pregnant so I had a sub.

Pregnancy perhaps?

I would like to be a doctor,or own a hotel.I am quite clever but what do i need to start doing now ?

To like do well at uni etc.

Im 13.

I do medicine so I can tell you a bit about becoming a doctor. Right now all you can really do is work hard and get good grades. If you want to improve your intelligence further, I'd recommend watching documentaries and reading books, you're brain is still developing so it will help you. Obviously, these should be in a subject or genre you are interested in otherwise there is no point.

In a couple of years time you'll need to do work experience at a hospital, do charity work. Also not everyone can become a doctor because it is emotional and mentally demanding, you need to see doctors at work and think about whether you really want to do it. Owning a hotel? It seems to me that you are motivated by money and there are better ways of earning money than being a doctor. That said, if you like an academic challenge, medicine stretches the brightest of us, you'll love it if you are motivated in that way.

they are quite diverse careers! If you want to be a doctor you will need to study science subjects and maths and english and gain a place to study medicine at university - places are very competitive. For hotel management you would probably have to go to uni (or you could work your way up within a hotel) to study hotel management. Have a look on ucas website to see what universities do these courses and what qualifications you would need and go from there.

for now all you should be doing is concentrating in school, doing your homework and readying books, the better education you allow yourself to get the more options will be open to you after you finish secondary school

LOL medicine and hotel owning are worlds apart. Just do well in all your subjects at the mo so you can decide what you wanna do in a few years.

What options do i take?...?

i either want to be a police officer or a personal trainer

does anyone know the options i should take for either of these

i have an options evening later today but i wondered if anyone on here had the experience, you would know better than teachers

thanks x

Well, some people say that it doesn't really matter just do what you find fun. I took drama, music and business studies and I'm happy with them, I am going to take science a level. :) As long as you don't just pick what your friends are doing, make sure it's what you want because you will be doing them for two years.

Sorry if this didn't help.

PE is a must

Im currently in high school, I want to be a registered nurse?

I got accepted to Loyola University but it costs so much $$ i was thinking what if i go to a community college to get the credits then transfer into a 4 year college?

Go to a community college to get your prerequisites out of they way if you want to go to a university.My cousin went to daley college and became a registered nurse in 2 years but she had a heavy workload and clinicals.She got her masters of nursing science online and it took her about 5 years.You could just take your prerequisites while in high school.There are also some training free or almost free programs that will help you if you are a young mother and or if you are on any type of public assistance.They will train you to become a cna,lpn then help you get into a community college along with college credit. You just need to do some research.

Affordable boarding schools-please help?

i want to go to a boarding school next year. I don't want to pay 20,000$ to go though that's stupid. I know its so much better than dumb old public school,but its so high. I want a good education i want to college,but in public school its so distracting i cant focus's. I am now in home any better. It seems every year since 4th grade i go half the year then back to home school. Im in 7th now i always pass my grade but its so hard to concentrate. CAN anyone please give me a list of affordable boarding schools under 20,000 would be good under 10,000 would be perfect the lowest i can find is freaking 16,000. PLEASE HELP ME. by the way i want to be a Humane Law Enforcement Agent. AKA animal cop

Unfortunately I don't have an answer, but maybe you should reconsider boarding schools. You have to remember it will turn your WHOLE LIFE into school. And if you find you don't like it, you have payed for a year's teaching, so you can't really drop out.

I would suggest private schooling, where you pay to go to a much better school, but you get to go home!

Is math a subject that a person can learn if they were bad at it as a kid?

I was not able to understand what was going on when I got to about middle school. I still have to stop & think about what 7 X 6 equals & I have to use my fingers to add sometimes...my father was like rainman. He could give you a math answer no matter how difficult the problem was & my brother was also very good in math...Now did I block myself as a kid or can anyone learn math if they can find out how to teach themselves....or is it a natural talent?...I was 19 when I bought my first house & paid it off when I was 22 from being obsessed with the math. Of couse this was easy math. I used to be able to tell real estate agents what the house payment would be on a house without having to use a calculator..so I don't know how to tell if I am good at math but uneducated & uninterested but capable.

Depend on how far you want to go and how passionate you are about it.

I made it through Differential Equations in college and had some aptitude for it, but I had a bear of a time with Calculus.

If you are prepared to not accept failure, then you will not.

Will you be another John Nash (Princeton Noble Prize Winner), probably not. But you can take it beyond where you are now! Anyone can!

What is your strategy to memorise 1000 word essays?

Take it step by step, in as little blocks as you can handle. Make sure each one gets the same amount of attention, but be repepetive, make sure you know a part by heart before moving on, and after the next part, make sure you know everything up until that point. Use visual pointers if that helps, to try and make a 'story' out of it.

Is there a website where I can see my I.S.A.T scores? Not for college, elementary.?

i dont think so but you can see your schools scores-like the average

I am having trouble with clique at my school?

I go to this International Boarding School in Paris, France. We have a diversity problem at my high school. I am an American, (i am was born in Arizona) but there is only 3 of us that are American. We all hang out together but we are having trouble with the other groups. Here are the groups

The Yankees (is what people call our group or clique,.

The Fins (80% of my school are finnish.)

The Frenches (10% make up the French kids)

The Brits (We have a group from England)

The Multi%26#039;s (They are the Spanish and Portuguese kids at my school)

How should we (The American the smallest group) deal with these other groups?)

I speak English, French, Spanish, and Finnish.

First try talking to them and be yourself. But if that doesn%26#039;t work then forget about it because it doesn%26#039;t matter who you hang out with as long as you have a good time!

You have to be more specific when you say that you%26#039;re having trouble with the other groups. Do you mean that you have trouble getting along?


Did any1 get into manattan center?

Damn! That's a good school. I don't know anybody who got into that school. However, I got into Francis Lewis :)

Does anyone remember how they were taught about contractions and apostrophes in grade school?

I have to create a wrap-up lesson for -'s contractions, but I"m at a loss of how to do so; anyone remember anything useful from primary school that I could use?

The way i remember it was my teacher told me that the apostrophes were markers for the missing letter

Please help me with this Drama at school!!!?

I have this friend lets call her Jayjay. and we were like bffs and she liked my cousin and she asked me to ask him out so i did....he said no . so after that we slowly drifted apart. Now shes getting her friends to text me and saying stop spreading rumors about me and I WOULD NEVER DO THAT! Im not like that and i tried telling her that but she will not listen, So I asked Jayjay and she said that she knows i wasnt talking about her and she won't stop her friend (we'll call her AmAm) So Im guessing one of these days Its going to get serious. I dont know to tell the guidance counsler, Ive asked my cousin to talkk to her, I went up to her and talked face to face, But im giving up i dont know what to do. Please Please Please help

if Jayjay is a true friend, she will listen to what you are trying tell her. You should confront her with AmAm so that you can be open to each other and settle the problem peacefully. Try to be a good listener to each other.

True friendship involves spending time with those who can make you smile, not those who cause you to cry. A true friend would be honest, and direct. Never let petty arguments, and lies tear you down.

it's time to talk to AmAm.

AmAm is causing all of the drama because she is severely jealous.

sounds like jayjay doesn't want to be friends. or the 'friends' are doing a prank.

New York City High School Applications!?

O.k Im a freshman and applied to be transferred but didnt get bak the results yet. Umm so tell me do u think this is a problem or should I wait.

What school did u get accepted into btw.


when i was a kid, i got into bronx science, because i wasn't smart enough for stuyvesant....but i wound up going to laguardia because it was close to where i lived.

PS keep waiting a while, because you know how slow the dept of ed can be!


And I sound physco.

So anyways, I'm a freshman right now, and I go to Queens H.S. for the Sciences at York College.

Last year in eight grade I took the Specialized high school admissions test thing and I got into my first choice of high school (QHSS!) yay!

And for regular high schools I got into Townsend Harris but I chose QHSS.

I got my results back in March of last year of course.

Thats when you're supposed to get ur results back tho :o

Question about the grading system?

ok, which percent do you need to pass a subject for a quarter.

depends on the exact district or school. At mine, its 65. Find out at school tomorrow!

ask your teacher, principal, or guidance counceiler, they should all be able to tell you

in my area, its 50%. but i live in Canada

above a 59

In my district, you needed at least 61%


How can I get a higher spot in the top ten percent of my high school freshman class?

There are sixty three students in my freshman class and I am the sixth. That is an uncomfortable spot because I'll have nothing to fall back on if my grades go down a little. I'd be right out of the top ten percent. No matter how hard I do I make 100's on tests they make 101's. How can I overtake the five that are ahead of me. I want to go to a State University.

just keep on doing what you're doing. as long as your consistent you will overcome a few of them. colleges don't look as much at your percent in your school, more than they look at your grades, especially since its a state university. there's so much more to college then your percent in your school so you have nothing to worry about. as long as your grades are good you're fine. worry about beating kids who will apply to the college you want to go to, not kids at your high school you aren't. and trust me your smarter than most kids in the country

extracuricular activities are HUGE plus play sports u might be good and get a scholarship that way even if it is JUCO or D2 or 3

Help please? Thank you very much!?

Am i able to get a admission in university of Harvard by these grades. Currently, i am in grade 12?

AP Biology: 95%

AP Chemistry: 92%

AP Physics: 96%

AP Calculus: 98%

AP English: 91%

AP History: 95%

Thanks in advance for helping.

Honestly, I don%26#039;t know, I%26#039;m to young, but goodluck.