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Indiana university legacy?

Okay, will IU

Eveytime i go to school my teacher looks at me mad and plus she blames me?

Okay, I

Presentation to the youth. Please help!?

Hi everyone. Tomorrow I am going to be giving a presentation about the importance of education to the youth in my community and I want to throw in a hands-on activity in my presentation for them so they

Anyone know of any good websites for help in 7th/8th grade math?

I need some good websites that offer online math worksheets, games, practice tests, etc. that will help prepare my daughter for a last-minute 8th grade math placement test. I just found out the test is in 5 days. Free websites are preferred but we

Would a Private Loan in my situation work?



What do you think of Denison University?

I just visited it today and loved it. It had a decent amount of bad reviews on, but then again I

How to survive middle school?

What are some tips about middle school and advantages?What was it like your first day? Im going into middle school this august so was it scary or what ? PLEASE HELP???
1. Always be prepared. Study the night before each test

2. Think pefore you speak, you might think you know the answer, but double check.

3. Know your limits. If something is too hard or is confusing, ask for help

4. Only surround yourself with people who make you feel good

5. Keep your friends close and your frenemies far

6. If you have a lot of trouble in a subject, get a tutor

7. Write down every teachers name in your notebook for that class so you dont forget

8. Put your homework back in your backpack as soon as your done

9. Dont take a class because your friends are.

If you hate it, you cant change

10. Eat at lunch, dont just talk

11. Be yourself!

12. In a sea of people, no one notices one mistake

13. If your teacher gives out a wrong answer, raise your hand to correct her

14. DONT correct teachers grammar

15. If your best (and only) friend moves, MAKE MORE!

16. Dont just do your homework and be done, check over it

17. Do your best. Your best is all anyone can ask you to do

18. To lie you need a good memory, to tell the truth you dont.

19. Always keep an extra shirt in your locker for if you spill something.

20. Fashion fads are highly overrated, they end as soon as they start

21. Due dates are closer then they appear

22. Dont make exuses over everything, own up to your mistakes

23. Be sure your caught up in middle school homework and classwork. If you get behind its hard to make up

24. Read assignments and directions carefully

25. Have your own style and stick with it

26. Have a speacial binder for homework assignments so you dont lose them

27. You dont need a guy/girl to be cool or happy

28. If you like a guy/girl be yourself, if he doesnt like you, his loss

29. Be involved, dress the part for special days

30. Get a lift to school on rainy days or else youll spend homeroom in wet jeans

31. Never end a friendship over rumors

32. Join tons of club so you can meet friends with the same interests as you.

33. Be friends with people who dont get in trouble

34. Its okay to make new friends; but dont forget your old ones

35. Never try to be popular, just do things you like

36. Be friends with people you care about most.

37. Always hang out with people who make you laugh

38. If you REALLY want to keep something secret, keep it to yourself. Even a bff can let it slip sometimes

39. Never let your enemies see you cry, that only lets them win

40. When the popular people talk, others listen

41. Always understand when a friend makes a mistake

42. Live life to the greatest

43. Talk to your guidence counsler if something is wrong

44. The place you sit in lunch on the first day is where youll be sitting for the rest of the year

45. Do things you enjoy

46. Act fine, even if your not, around teachers.

47. Dont sit next to a cute guy/girl in class, itll distract you

48. Get exersize and be healthy

49. Push through all of the drama

50. Stay away from crushes

51. Dont get crushed by a crush

52. Dont tell your teacher that your doing something to get out of class.

53. Teachers like to think your doing things for non-selfish reasons

54. Dont ignore your friend when she is telling you something important

55. Be the first one to apoligize after a fight

56. Keep your head high and chrage for the mountain

57. Love, laugh, live

58. No recess is a good thing, not as much drama

59. Manage your lunch time

60. Only make commitments you can keep

61. Boys/Girls are overrated, ignore them

62. Focus more on school than being popular

63. Stay true to yourself and you will make it through

64. Dont worry about a test if you studied, youll do fine!

65. Dont fall for guys/girls for looks!

66. Open up your eyes and see what kind of person you really are

67. Dont try to make people feel sorry for you

68. If your trying to get a guy to notice you dont come to school in a tube top and mini skirt

69. Dont worry about what other people say YOU LOOK GREAT!!

70. Round up some of your clothes and find what matches

71. Pick out your clothes the night before

72. Dont send your friend to tell your crush you like him!

73. ALWAYS wear deoderent

74. KARMA! What goes around comes around

75. Just have fun and make the best of the year
whats a middle school??
nedS declassified school survival guide LOL SUMTIN LIKE DAT
I felt like I didn

English 9 Honors summer homework?

Ok well here is a link for u to see what I have to do

So I

Am I likely to get into UCSD?

My GPA is 3.235, and I received a 1720 on my SA. I won

Grammar help with this sentence please?

Hello! I have a sentence here and i

Why does audacity keep playing out loud?

when i put a song on audacity and i click play it plays out loud even though i have headphones in,

how can i fix it?

College course chooser?

Does anyone know a good webquiz that determines the course that I may be interested in?

Is College Algebra harder than Intro to Statistics, College Algebra involves Trig and other math program?

I personally think that college algebra is much easier than statistics.

Should I take Micro Economics, Prin of Accounting 2,

As opposed to a university? If you

Mary Poppins Famous Word?

How do you spell it? Super-cali-fragi-listic-expy-alidotios? How would u spell it?
Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious (pronounced /suprklfrdlstkkspild is an English word, with 34 letters.

Do you get this haiku? You must know how a haiku is supposed to be made to understand.?

Haikus are easy

But sometimes they don

In spanish,when you form plural,you add es or s?please give me some example!?

ok it depends see like for colors you have to plural them but if any word your are trying to make plural if it ends in a consistent not a e i o u its a s but if its a e i o u its es here are examples
For exaple: paper (papel) and in plural is papeles.
It always depends on the word , but usually just s but if it is a word that ends in z you have to add (ces) ;and in ocassions the es


1- Libro (Book) -Libros , just the es was added

2-Pez(Fish)- Peces, i added the (ces)

3-Mujer(woman), Mujeres, i added th es

The es is addd only when the word doesn


I am not looking for sign language. I believe the word may also mean (to use your hands for expression, during conversation.
Gesticulate / gesticulation. Doesn

What is a good senior quote?

im a senior in highschool and i need to choose a quote to place under my picutre in the yearbook. i dont want one thats so deep or w.e. id rather it be cute or even funny
Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you

Research paper help?!?


If i got my iphone on october 17, 2009 when am i eligible for an update?

i am wondering when my next update will be for at and t
Usually your contract is for 2years and you are eligible for an update after 1year

Would going abroad to a university in england be a good idea?

Ive always wanted to i live in texas and ive been thinking about it and would like some opinions!
studying abroad at any university overseas is a great experience. I

What should I major in if I want to work with children who have mental disabilities?

I want to work with children who have autism, down syndrome, etc. What would I have to major in in college in order to do this? Any specific types of jobs you know of are welcome, too!
You can either choose special education or social work. A bachelors in psychology or sociology may be applicable as well. A lot of jobs working with children with (i would use the word developmental, not

Does UC Irvine have a BS in Nursing degree avaliable?

I was just exploring my options and was wondering if this UC had this degree as an option?
The closest major I found on the website was

What should I do....?


Could I major in something non-science related and still go to medical school?


AP Psychology summer work, PLEASE HELP. I

Please if anyone could offer input I

Does any know how much a physical therapist intern gets paid?

I know it


A postgraduate qualification from a top UK university?

It would rank far higher with potential employers than the same degree from a less prestigious university.
I guess the fact that it is Oxford. :)
YAY for study abroad.

Grade 11 math - Recursion formulas?

help me for:

t1 = 1/2 ; tn = tn-1 (1/ n(n 1))

ok, if i were to find t2, i know that tn-1 would be t1 which is 2,

but what is

Where is the city of Pericles located? and what country?

thanks u in advance. =D
Pericles was a ruler of Athens long ago.
sounds greek so greece?

I need some grade 10 applied math help?

1. y = 3x (Choose -2,-1,0,1,2 for x-values)

What is the:



Equation of the axis of symmetry

Maximum/Minimum Value:

Of the equation: y = 3x

Please, best answer.
vertex: (0, 0)

y-intercept: 0

equation of the axis of symmetry: x = 0

min value of 0


Motor Based Speech Disorder in 2 1/2 year old?

Just curious as to what this really means? My son doesn

If I want to go to college to be a lawyer as my major then what classes should I take in high school?

I just want to be advanced when I go off to college. I don

Any other quotes like this?...?

College advice: Choosing a college?


Which of the following professor titles is highest?

in order please?


-Associate Professor


Assistant Professor

-Professor Emeritus

-Adjunct Faculty


From where does the term

Just wondering...
It started in 18th century England as a mild-derogatory nickname.


Maybe since they

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Smart girl, strange family situation?

Trying to help my niece investigate some financial aid issues prior to her applying for schools this fall. She lives with her parents and 9 siblings in extreme poverty. Parents are not employed and I even doubt they

Do special needs children automatically receive a music class in your school district?


What does kushwave mean?

might have something to do with pot (kush)

Can I get address for payday loan companies?


If you want a fast and legit loans in 1 Hour. Just try this and once approved your loan amount will be transferred directly to your checking account promptly, and securely. Now you

Why do people laugh at my name?

my name is mike hawk why do people laugh when i tell them this?
Because it sounds like

Plz help in solve this problem?

if the ratio of the incomes of two persons is 9 : 7 and ratio of their expenditures is 4 : 3. Each of them saves Rs. 2000 per month. Find their monthly income.
You can solve this by using a system of equations.

Ratios imply that the actual numbers are probably larger than the numbers in the ratio, but that they are multiplied by a common factor. Call x the factor by which their incomes will by multiplied and call y the factor by which their expenditures will be multiplied.

income - expenditures = savings

9x - 4x = 2000

7x - 3x = 2000

this shows that both people end up with $2000 savings.

Now to solve, mulitply the top equation by 3 and the bottom equation by -4:

3(9x - 4x = 2000)

-4(7x - 3x = 2000)

27x - 12x = 6000

-28x 12x = -8000

Add them:

-x = -2000

so x = 2000

Now multiply both 9 and 7 by 2000 to get their monthly incomes:

9*2000 = $18000

7*2000 = $14000

Those are your answers.

You can proceed to solve for y and check your answer.

You should get y=4000

so 18000 - 4(4000) = 18000 - 16000 = 2000

and 14000 - 3(4000) = 14000 - 12000 = 2000

Let the smaller income be x. Then the larger income is (9/7) x. Let the smaller expenditure be y. Then the larger expenditure is (4/3) y. Then we get these equations:

For the larger income:

(9/7) x - (4/3) y = 2000

21 [(9/7) x - (4/3) y] = 21 (2000)

*** 27x - 28y = 42000.

For the smaller income:

x - y = 2000 ---

Im nervous to get my ninth grade schedule?

im nervous what classes i might get and what if i dont want to be in the class? do i go to my counselor the first day? i appreciate it (:
if you don

John Franks

which is correct given that his name is John Franks.

(the S is tripping me up)

the girls

Hi which is the best engg coll in vijayawada?

v r,klu,baliki reddy bali reddy,usharama
V R Siddhartha Engineering College Vijayawada

Prasad V Potluri Siddhartha Institute of Technology Vijayawada

What rank is required to get good seat in jntu?

500 below in eamcet and 10000 rank in aieee or if u belong to s.c or b.c caste u only required to get 2000 rank

How can i keep my hair in good style and condition?

hey use herbal hai oil or dove or ayuruvedic shampus
if u would have mentioned da type of ur hair tht would a lil. specific n easier 2 answer.....

anyways...............massage ur hair with some coconut oil n leave them for 2 hr b4 shampooing them...then it is very important 2 condition them with a gud conditioner.......conditioner can b choosen acc. 2 ur hair...

just dry them naturally.......

for it is summer rainy season now it would b better 2 have a short trendy hair cut...or if u have long hair them make sure they r tied....lyk a pony

USEFUL TIP:- simple n classy luk is the trend now a days!!!!!

Can i know which coll i get seat for 60000 rank in vijayawada?

ya will get in usharama,djr nova,mic can i know u have reservation or not

Help me with my daughter

Write two sentences for each sign. Begin with these words: No.../ Please don

Help me with this please?

Write two sentences for each sign. Begin with these words: No.../ Please don

Does anybody know what town the Villanova University is located in?

I know it is in Pennsylvania but what town/city?
Radnor Township

What infamous Beijing square has a name that ironically means

Tiananmen Square.
I would guess that would be Tiananmen Square, after the riots and the way that they were dealt with.
Tiananmen Square...


Any teachers like to help?

Write two sentences for each sign. Begin with these words: No.../ Please don

-UNI and mental health Problems ?- finance to.?

I would really like to go to University in a few Years, But I have depression, Social Anxiety disorders,

and bdd. I

Why are people with Autism Struggling to get Hired?

I read an article in the Columbus Dispatch where people with Autism who Graduated from College were struggling to get Hired. My Question is Why?
I think the struggle comes with the social skills. It can be a little harder to connect with an autistic individual. They may not look you in the eye, they may look uncomfortable. They don

Where can I find information on going to school abroad?


Is there a atar/uai for a university lecturer?

OR do i simply just do the courses i want in uni and then work from there .. getting a masters and so on ?

how much would a university lecturer earn ?

people tell me a university lecturer is mostly just part time job ? can i do it full time or is it not a job for life?

what would be better a university lecturer or a high school teacher?
An ATAR is really only ever used for getting into your first degree. After that, your high school results will never be of any significance again. Exactly what you should do to become a lecturer will depend on what you want to teach. For some professional areas, like law or business, you might just get a Bachelor

500 words explaining how effective you think shrek is as a film?

thanks ;)
it entertains a wide audience


6 times more likely to be excluded, how?

this is from a report from 1992:

black students are 10% of the school population, 40% of the school exclusions are black.

This means black students are 6 times more likely to be excluded.

i don

Do i need to apply for tuition fees to get maintenance loan?

Or can i just apply for a maintenance loan only?

Im doing an HND and my fees have already been paid for, so i dont need a tuition fee loan. I just want a maintenance loan. Im not eligible for any grants.
yes you can. When applying for the finaical help through the student fianace website you can choose which loans you want to take, you dont have to take the tution fee loan but you can still take the maintenance loan. Just tick the correct boxes :P
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What are your financial needs?

Do you need a business loan?

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Do you want to refinance?

Do you need a mortgage loan?

Do you need a huge capital to start off your

business proposal or expansion? Have you lost hope and

you think there is no way out, and your financial

burdens still persists?

1. NAME OF APPLICANT.............................

2. RESIDENTIAL COUNTRY .....................

3. RESIDENTIAL ADDRESS:........................

4. BUSINESS ADDRESS:...........................

5. AGE:....................................

6. OCCUPATION:.....................

7. AMOUNT OF LOAN REQUIRED ..................

8. PURPOSE OF THE LOAN:.........................

9. TELEPHONE NUMBER:.......................

10.LOAN DURATION........................

11. Sex.....................................




Kind Regards.

Mr John Ward (G.M.D)
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What are the steps i need to follow to write a college paper on fictional story ?

I have to write a paper on Kate Chopin

Are both pairs of quotation marks written in the upper side of the line on your sheet of paper in English punc?


What types of funding Can I get for university ? uk plymouth?

If i get a bursary, Can I also get a student loan to ? (for things to do with my mental health, as im on dla for disorders)


Why is it that ghetto kids that I know make a disruption in class?

And don

Help on a report for a book please?

I have to write a report for each section on a book called Worlds of History Volume one by Kevin Reilly. I have to write a summary of each section. If you have read this book before and would like to give me some internet sites to see like sparknotes for books such as this. Or if you would like to give me some important information about each chapter that would be awsome. If you help me with this then I will Vote best answer for two of your answers.
I do not know when your report is due, but the book is 544 pages long,. It is written by a college professor. This link gives you a picture what the book looks like and its

Should i open up my GCSE Results in school or at Home?

Because if i get good results i would want to open it up in skl so it could teach allt hose people who put me down but if i get bad results i dont want to start crying infront of everyone lol

i dno, plus if u get good results don

Do I have too much college debt?

Hey, I am about to start college this fall and will be pursuing a BS in Mechanical Engineering. I have about $10,000 in loans every year, but during the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th years I have multiple co-ops which will get me about $15,000 a year. Should I be okay once I graduate or will i be buried in debt?

Where to get cool but not childish school supplies?

Im going into 7th grade... i especially want to get zip binders and locker accessories. where to get folders and notebooks too...price doesn

Advice for a Freshman??

This is my first year in high-school i start August 30 and need some help on what are great clubs to join? Cool sports to play(grl)? Advice on highschool period any and everything please?????
Freshman year;

1. Be yourself, its clich buts its also TRUE. Dont forget that your entering high school as an independent person and will leave high school that very same way; so dont let anyones problem interfere with you and your life (socially and academically)

2. MAKE SURE; you go to your schools orientation. Unless you have an emergency its not something that you should miss out on. They will tell you everything that you need to know. You might also receive: school schedules, class schedules, maps, sign-ups, and information about the school itself.

IF you miss it then please call the school to try and get these things a little earlier so that you dont run into problems the first day of school.

3. Its good to have your own style and as you move up, you will realize that. But if your still a little concerned about common styles in high school, here are some:

Shorts especially during the summer (beginning of school year)

Cami with Cardigan - same, during summer.

flip flops - summer

Skinny jeans

Hollister, Aero, AE, A

Looking for good descriptive words?

Most ideas of descriptive words and other good words will be awarded best answer with 5 stars.

Words such as, Exciting, Fluorescent and Extravagant, etc..

I want to write a song, and need some intersting words to include.

Thank you











heaven sent

























I have included other words, besides descriptive. A lyricist needs all the word he can get.

Is or Are there any way(s) to report a person who is using mr address and phone number as their info?


Download BumbleBee Jewel Games Free?

Where can we free download BumbleBee Jewel games?
BumbleBee Jewel

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* Hilarious characters

* Special powerups

* Find the lost colors!

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Did I use the semi-colon corectly in this sentence or does is not make any sense?

One of the many symptoms of depression is that the feelings last throughout a period of time; in the novel we read that Holden

Which sentence reads better?

1) Before her fingers even brushed the material, the cup was lifted away.


2) The cup was lifted away before her fingers even brushed the material.


3) Do you have a better suggestion?
Before her fingers had even brushed its surface, the cup was lifted away.
The second one x
the first one makes sense, both of them do anyway but the first one makes more sense.

I want a my free credit score but I don

I would like to know how my credit score is
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