Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Advice for a Freshman??

This is my first year in high-school i start August 30 and need some help on what are great clubs to join? Cool sports to play(grl)? Advice on highschool period any and everything please?????
Freshman year;

1. Be yourself, its clich buts its also TRUE. Dont forget that your entering high school as an independent person and will leave high school that very same way; so dont let anyones problem interfere with you and your life (socially and academically)

2. MAKE SURE; you go to your schools orientation. Unless you have an emergency its not something that you should miss out on. They will tell you everything that you need to know. You might also receive: school schedules, class schedules, maps, sign-ups, and information about the school itself.

IF you miss it then please call the school to try and get these things a little earlier so that you dont run into problems the first day of school.

3. Its good to have your own style and as you move up, you will realize that. But if your still a little concerned about common styles in high school, here are some:

Shorts especially during the summer (beginning of school year)

Cami with Cardigan - same, during summer.

flip flops - summer

Skinny jeans

Hollister, Aero, AE, A

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